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MPI empowers local small businesses with the security and protection needed to keep them ahead of the game and always doing their thing. Uninterrupted.

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Solutions Start Here

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Your custom-crafted approach will pull elements from one or each of the following categories of expertise to ensure your business receives the perfect fit.

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What We Do

You Talk, We Listen

Feel free to really let it rip; in fact, we encourage it–and don’t worry—all client meetings are 100% confidential. (NDAs gladly provided upon request)

We want to know all about what you do, how you do it, and who are the people who help you get it done. Tell us the values that drive you and the workplace culture that binds you. We need to hear your fears, your challenges, and what you might be facing right now.

This step is critical to our approach, laying the groundwork to build a comprehensive, high-impact strategy that’s perfect for you.

The Drawing Board

We get with our team of experts to devise a strategy personalized for your unique business, our level of need, and your budget.


This is the exciting part. Now you get to experience the value and expertise that comes with an MPI Protective Partnership and know firsthand why we shamelessly brag about our people.

What We Don't Do

We don’t do cookie-cutter.

Why? We don’t work with cookie-cutter businesses. We celebrate differences and develop a custom approach that takes yours into account. The people we work with are ambitious and agile, just like us—you need strategies and solutions that can keep up and back you up with every stride. We settle for nothing less than ideal. That’s our difference.
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From desk security to patrol. We’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Us

Based in Wisconsin, we offer the full spectrum of security services across various specialties, which can be utilized interchangeably within our custom-crafted security plans to ensure you get the targeted protection you need and never have to settle.

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24/7 Response

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The Best Training

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Family-Owned & Operated

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Let's Talk

Don’t worry; the first one is always on us. Whether you walk away with everything you need or find that your needs require a personalized security plan, our solutions always start with a conversation. In-person, online, or over the phone—you choose. We’re all ears.
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Hear it From Them

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say
MPI has provided us with on-site security and mobile patrols for over a decade. They are an excellent partner and always responsive to our needs.
Stacy Nemeth
Chief Operating Officer, Fiore Companies, Inc.
Years ago, one of our properties was being inundated with youth looking to do no good. Our tenants were worried, our property damaged, and fear was starting to escalate... What I received was someone to clean up the situation on our property. I became a hero to the tenants and also started a long relationship with MPI that continues to this day.
Mary Feldt
President & CEO, Park Towne Management, Inc.

Book Your Free Consultation

Before any contracts are drawn up, we begin by listening. The first consultation with us is always free and always confidential. This introductory discussion is pivotal in delivering you with accurate, meaningful results—without wasting time. This is us putting our most efficient foot forward.

Whether you’d prefer to schedule a video call, talk over the phone, or meet in-person—that’s up to you. Every contract begins here. You talk, we listen.