MPI Tactical & Emergency Services Academy (MPI TESA)

Producing Expert Guardians

MPI TESA lives to fulfill our commitment to both our clients and our employees by allowing us to craft a force of expert guardians who can handle absolutely anything thrown their way with agility, authority, and tact.
We believe training is not a destination; it’s a journey. For us, with TESA, that journey never ends.
Our academy is open to those within and outside of the MPI family. From professional Security and Law Enforcement training and certifications to civilian classes and workshops—MPI TESA ensures that anyone looking to hone their security prowess has every tool to do so.
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In-House Curriculum

When we’re through with you, you’ll have the skill to go anywhere, do anything, and handle whatever comes your way.

Training For:

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Where born protectors enter & expert guardians emerge.


MPI offers the following license and certification courses, each with an emphasis on legal accountability and training quality:

Growth & Professional Development

Certified through MPI Tactical and Emergency Services Academy (MPI TESA)

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Meet Our Expert

Pete Hetrick

Director of Training, MPI Protective, TESA
Over 40 years of martial arts experience, including multiple national titles,. Instructor in 8 martial art systems. 35 years private security experience. 20 years with MPI Protective.

TESA Instructors

All TESA instructors have prior military and/or law enforcement background. Instructors have TCLEOSE, DPS, DOJ, or nationally recognized certifications in their respective fields of expertise. (Examples are PPCT Defensive Tactics, SABRE Pepper Spray, PEACEKEEPER Baton, TASER, and several martial arts systems.)

Our instructors have instructed the best and have been taught by the best. TESA also sub-contracts with other professional trainers to provide you, the student or officer, with the best possible training.

MPI TESA offers a full-spectrum solution to the training needs of you or your company and can be used to complement any training that is currently in place.

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